Our automobile paint protection film is a result of over 60 years of evolving technology, research and continuous innovation involved in our polyester manufacturing process. The result of which is a futuristic shield that can be used to protect your car from chipped paint, loss of shine, and minor scratches that dull a car’s look. It is thin in application, extremely durable and can be customized to fit the most vulnerable areas of your car such as the side mirrors, bumpers and side panels.

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Add an invisible protective layer to shield your car from wear and tear.



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We are the top exporters of PPF in the world owing to our state-of-the-art facilities with single- source manufacturing verticals in place that produce self-healing and abrasion-resistant films. Our end-to-end control over our manufacturing process - from base petrochemical intermediate (DMT) and polyester chips to the final product, helps us ensure the quality of our products.

At GHFL, we believe in steady development and are committed to finding the best solutions in the polyester films industry. This pioneering endeavour has helped us achieve international success with over 80% of our paint protection films now being exported to the USA, South America, Russia, China, and Europe.