At Garware, we believe in creating a better, greener world by ensuring that we constantly give back to society. Headquartered in Mumbai, Garware Hi-Tech Films Ltd has become a carbon negative company in its high-tech integrated polyester film plants at Waluj and Chikalthana in Aurangabad. The sophisticated and well-designed programs from Garware - India's largest manufacturer of sun control films as well as car paint protection films (CPPF), are well aligned with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals 2030 of Climate Action (SDG #13).

Towards Zero Liquid Discharge

We ensure zero waste through various innovations and treatments. We recycle processed water through effluent treatment plants and post Reverse Osmosis treatment in a state-of-the-art facility. Sewage Treatment Plants are also used to treat and reutilize 100% of domestic effluent for gardening.

Water Conservation

Through Rain Water Harvesting, we work at upgrading groundwater levels and land remediation to reduce consumption of water for gardening and plantation. Along with this, 100% of the treated water coming from the Reverse Osmosis Plant is used back into the system as fresh raw water.

Land Conservation

While roof top Rain Water Harvesting leads to improved groundwater levels, we also have a run off plant with modern patented technology that helps us recharge 150 Lacs liters of water back to the ground every year. Groundwater table is improved as we recharge pits at various locations.

Green Belt Development

As a responsible manufacturer, we aim at giving back to the planet - making it a better place to live in. To ensure this we plant trees at and around manufacturing locations. Above 35 % open land is covered with green belt. We also have our inhouse green nursery with an abundant supply of plants.


We are constantly looking for avenues to improve our process and capabilities to develop more sustainable solutions. We lower our energy consumption sustainably by replacing existing lamps with LED lamps and existing motors with new higher energy efficient ones.


Biomass briquettes are used in Steam Boilers for reducing the use of fossil fuels. This helps to reduce toxic emissions that can happen due to ZERO consumption of mineral fuels. We have also replaced furnace oil with LPG to reduce emissions.


We enhanced our reproducibility, safety, and sustainability through installations of advanced technologies. Garware Hi-Tech Films Ltd screw press technology eliminates the use of sludge drying beds in the Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP), reducing groundwater contamination and air pollution due to its vaporization. We use processes like blowdowns to convert liquid to solid wastes with reduced efforts in handling and disposal of wastes.


A circular economy approach is not only beneficial to the environment but also helps increase our profitability. We have introduced new product variants that use post-consumer recycled PET (PCR) that are certified by approved agencies. Additionally we are also working towards recycling / reusing of plastic waste as part of the EPR.